How to Setup Gmail SMTP in WordPress the Right Way (To Send Emails)


Are you looking for How to Setup Gmail SMTP in WordPress? or you having errors while setting it up? either ways you will find your answers in this article.

Setting up Gmail SMTP is easy and I will show you how to go about it, are you having difficulties sending and receiving order emails in WordPress WooCommerce? or your WordPress Website is not sending emails at all.

SMTP error in WordPress while you are using Gmail SMTP can be so frustrating at times, most especially when you don’t know what you are doing wrong, so I will be taking you through step by step guide on how to resolve any issues with Gmail SMTP setup on WordPress in this post using Easy WP SMTP Plugin.

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How to Setup Gmail SMTP in WordPress

How to Setup Gmail SMTP in WordPress the Right Way (To Send Emails)
Easy WP SMTP Plugin

Setting up Easy WP SMTP!

  • Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Head onto the Plugin page and add new plugin
  • Search for Easy WP SMTP, install and activate
  • Now go-to the plugins page and look for Easy WP Plugin
  • Click on Settings
How to Setup Gmail SMTP in WordPress

Easy WP Settings Fields

Form FieldsExpected Results
From Email AddressEnter an email for the from field e.g. ([email protected])
From NameName the email receiver will see e.g. (Website Name)
Reply-To Email AddressWhen a recipient is replying your email where will it go to e.g. ([email protected])
SMTP HostYour mail server ([email protected])
Type of EncryptionChoose SSL/TLS
SMTP Port465
SMTP AuthenticationYes
SMTP Usernameyour Gmail address e.g. ([email protected])
SMTP PasswordYour Google Account Password (App Specific Password) – See Below For Setup Guide.
  • Save your setting and navigate to the Test Email Tab.
  • Enter your details and send
  • This should be successful, but if it throws error, see below Google Account options
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Setup Google Account Password For SMTP to Avoid Error in Connection.

If you have entered your Gmail username and password above you will definitely see this type of error (failed to authenticate password error 535-5.7 8 username and password not accepted) while trying to send test email.

The main reason you are seeing error is because you are are using a Google mail account with a company domain, you will need to enable 2 Factor Authentication for your Gmail account and enable App Specific Password (ASP).

You can refer to Google Help Center article on how to setup 2FA for your account, see below how to generate App Specific Passwords.

How to generate App Specific Password for Google Account.

Google has disabled less secure access to your google account so yo will need to generate ASP to be able to use the SMTP functionality for WordPress.

  1. Go to your Google Account
  2. Go to the security section of the page
  3. Look for Signing in to Google and select APP Passwords. Note: You have to enable 2FA to be able to do this. You can refer to Google Guides on this if you are facing any difficulties
  1. At this point select App (Others – Custom Name and enter SMTP)
  2. Click on Generate
  3. In the popup box select the password generated and use for the account password for your SMTP Setup.
  4. Paste the password in your password field inside your Easy WP SMTP settings page on your WordPress dashboard.

Final Thoughts.

I hope this article (How to Setup Gmail SMTP in WordPress) has been able to help you out, please drop your comments below if you are having difficulties doing anything, or you are still having difficulties setting things up.

I will be more than willing to help you out.


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