How to Write an Engaging Company Profile (8 Ways)

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How to Write an Engaging Company Profile

Writing an engaging company profile can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to writing about your business and it’s offerings. Whether you’re creating the profile for inclusion on your website or as part of your social media marketing strategy, it’s important that the profile stands out as unique, interesting, and relevant to your business goals. This post will teach you everything you need to know about writing a company profile that engages readers and sets you apart from the competition.

Keep It Short

There are a lot of ways you can write your company profile. Here are some ideas for different types of business:

  • Local Business: Include the name and address of your business, the type of services or products you provide, and a description of what makes you unique.
  • Startup: Include where you’re located, what your company does, how much funding you need, how many people work for your company and what makes it unique.
  • International Business: Include where your business is located, what your company does and why that’s important to global audiences as well as a brief history about the origins or founding of your company.

Write In The First Person

Take the below example for first person writing, you could write something like;

I’m a really small company and I don’t have the budget for PR or marketing. I thought a profile might help me get my name out there, but I didn’t know how to write one.

Luckily, we found this great blog post on how to create engaging company profiles that we were able to use as a template for our own. After reading through it, my co-founder and I realized that all of the things listed in the blog post would also be applicable for our business!

Use Plain Language

Writing a company profile can be daunting, but using plain language will make it easier. A company profile is not just a brochure that advertises your business; it should also help potential clients understand what you do and why they should work with you.

A good place to start is by answering these questions:

  1. What services or products do you offer?
  2. What are the common challenges of your target customer?
  3. How will your solution improve their lives?
  4. Who are the people behind your company and why do they care about the issues you’re tackling?

Once you have answers, write them down in a clear, concise way that tells a story.

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Be Concise

An engaging company profile can be written in five sentences or less. It should explain what you do, why it’s important, and how you do it. Include your history and any notable milestones that are relevant to your business. If you’re looking for a good example of a company profile, Google, Twitter or Yelp.

Tell A Story

Every company has a story, and your company profile is the place to tell it. A compelling story will make customers want to connect with you on a personal level. Share what makes you different, why you do what you do, and how your product or service is making the world a better place. Here are a few examples of engaging company profiles:

  • We believe in developing local communities by bringing people together.
  • We empower every woman we work with by giving them the resources they need.

Highlight What Makes Your Company Unique

Your company profile is more than a quick summary. It’s your chance to tell the world what makes you different, and why they should care. Be sure to include both long-term and short-term goals, as well as your team’s background and qualifications. The best profiles provide readers with plenty of information about the company in a clear, concise way that is easy to understand.

Use Visuals

If you want your company profile to really stand out, you should use visuals. We recommend using a mix of text and images in order to communicate your company’s personality and values. This can be done with photos, graphics, or videos. It’s important that these visuals are high-quality and reflect the best aspects of your company.

Have Someone Else Proofread It

A company’s profile is what potential customers read when they’re deciding whether or not they want to do business with you. It needs to tell your story in a compelling way, so that people can connect with you and understand why they should give you their money.

A good company profile will show who you are, what problem you’re trying to solve, and how you’re going about solving it. Here are some tips for writing a compelling company profile:

  1. Talk about the core of your business;
    • what problem does your product/service address?
    • How does it work?
    • What makes it different from the competition?
    • Why are you better than them?
    • Who are your clients?
    • Why should someone buy from you rather than __ ?
  2. Add more details –
    • Where did the idea come from?
    • What prompted this solution to arise?
  3. Be sure to include statistics if possible! For example, ‘over 75% of our clients said…’
  4. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end! Ask readers to contact you or sign up for your newsletter. Encourage them to share on social media if they found this useful.
  5. And most importantly: have someone else proofread it!


We hope this helps you create a profile that will bring new opportunities your way. Remember, the more information you provide, the more people you’ll be able to connect with.

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